What is Normal Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

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The good news is that a few extra kilos during pregnancy are a healthy and necessary part of your pregnancy journey! But what amount of weight is considered healthy or normal weight gain during pregnancy?

The Risks of Too Much or Too Little Weight Gain

Firstly, the primary concern should be your health. If you gain too much weight, you will be putting both yourself and your baby at risk for health problems both during and after pregnancy. For mums-to-be, you could be increasing your risk of hypertension, gestational diabetes, and complications during labor and delivery.

If you don’t gain enough weight, then you are at increased risk of having a premature birth, a baby born too small, as well as other pregnancy complications.

What is 'Normal' Weight Nomal?

On average, women with an average BMI of between 18.5 to 24.9 will tend to gain somewhere between 11.5 kg and 16 kg during pregnancy.

Where Does This Weight Go?

Here is an example of where your weight might go during pregnancy:

Baby: 3.0 to 3.6kg
Larger uterus: 1kg
Placenta: 0.7kg
Amniotic fluid: 0.8kg to 1kg
Bigger breasts: 0.4kg to 1kg
Increased blood volume: 1.2 to 1.8kg
Extra fluid: 1.2 to 1.8kg
Fat stores: 2.5 to 4kg

What Can Influence Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

How much weight you gain during pregnancy can be influenced by factors such as:

  • whether you are carrying one baby, twins or multiples
  • whether you have morning sickness which can affect how much you can eat early on in the pregnancy. If you are concerned or your morning sickness is severe then see your doctor. Usually your appetite will pick up during the second trimester.
  • your weight before you were pregnant; some people who are underweight may gain a little more, while some people who are overweight may gain a little less.
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