Q. Mother’s Intuition. Does Pregnancy Heighten your Psychic Ability?

Does Pregnancy Heighten your Psychic Ability or Sense of Intuition?

This one is a question I’d like to ask readers. I’d like to know – do you believe in mother’s intuition?

Did pregnancy heighten your sensory awareness and intuitive abilities? Did you perhaps have vivid dreams that felt ‘psychic’, ‘prophetic’ or symbolic of things to come, and did they come true?

Pregnancy and Lucid Dreaming

I have always been a vivid dreamer. Relatively frequently, my dreams are what would be called ‘lucid dreams’ – I am aware that I am dreaming, I can make scope my surroundings and make decisions in my dreams. I can also experience touch, smell and taste in my dreams.

…the subconscious is a very powerful tool.

I believe the subconscious is a very powerful tool, and it has always intrigued me. I am an analytical person, and I find comfort and confidence in being self-aware. I have always taken in the stimuli in my dreams, and then when I wake up I try to ascertain what what my dream experience was symbolically telling me about myself and my life.

Some people claim that pregnancy has given them their first experience of lucid dreaming. One of our readers, Emma T. says:

“It was intense – one of the most intense dreams I have ever had. I felt everything. Strangely enough it wasn’t like other dreams where I was like a ‘witness’ to what was happening. I knew I was dreaming and I was in control of what was happening. When I woke up, i was in a sweat and it felt a bit like I wasn’t even asleep.”

Pregnancy and Psychic Ability

Sleeping Pregnancy Woman

Pregnancy took things to another level. Before I even knew I was pregnant, I had two vivid lucid dreams that felt ‘prophetic’of my pregnancy. I describe one below, as well as two others I’ve had surrounding the sex of my baby.

In my dreams, I just knew things that I didn’t know on a conscious level about symbolism. I woke up with this same sense of knowing and certainty.

Dream 1 – Dreaming I was pregnant:

In one dream, I was in my bedroom eating a bowl of cooked rice, and on the floor was a large sack of raw rice. My husband was in bed with the sheets pulled down on my side. As I was eating the rice, I recall thinking in the dream “Oh, rice is symbolic of fertility or the eggs in my ovary. My husband is in bed naked, so it implies sex or intercourse. I think I’ve fallen pregnant.”

As I ate the rice, I looked at the rice sack and noticed some cockroaches and weevils in it. Then there were creatures starting to form in it – some deformed. Having had a previous miscarriage, I grew anxious and thought “Oh no, is my pregnancy not viable?” But when I looked down at the bowl of rice I was eating, it was clear. I thought “Everything is ok, the pregnancy will be fine”.

I woke up having this sense of certainty about being pregnancy, even though I had to wait another 1.5 weeks to find out for sure. Sure enough, I was.

Dream 2 – My baby’s gender:

I dreamed I was in the kitchen, with the backyard visible from the window. There were two dogs and a lamb in the backyard and I was playing with them. The lamb kept following me though, and it was so adorable. I found myself wondering what the sex of the lamb was and thought it must be a boy. My Mum was in the kitchen too, and I turned to her saying “He’s so cute, I want to keep him”. She responded saying “You can only keep it if it’s a girl”.

I woke up knowing that if the baby was healthy, it would be a girl.

Dream 3 – My baby’s gender:

In case I had any doubts, I had another dream. A woman was in my house carrying a baby. She left it on my steps inside my house and disappeared as I called out to her. I looked at the baby, and it was a little girl.

Sure enough, at week 10 we did a Harmony Test that confirmed it was a little girl. Further confirmed at our 20 weeks scan!


I have since had similar vivid lucid – and what feel like prophetic dreams – of what this little girl will look like and her arrival. I am intrigued as to the outcome and whether my dreams will in fact be correct.

I am of Mediterranean background and darker looks, and my husband is fair and of Irish descent. I dreamed she would have large fairer eyes and lighter mousy brown hair. I also dreamed she would arrive a little sooner than her expected due date (unusual I’m told for a first baby).

Stay tuned!

I find it all very intriguing, and I’d love to hear from other women and their experiences with ‘mother’s intuition’ or increased intuitive and psychic abilities during pregnancy. You can email me at ask@dearbub.com or comment below.

Author and Managing Editor E Fegan

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