Try Beginners Pregnancy Yoga With Bettina Rae (Video)

There are many benefits of yoga during pregnancy, which Bettina Rae explains in her guest article “3 Amazing Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga”. 

  3 Amazing Benefits Of Pregnancy Yoga

If you’re ready to get straight into your pregnancy yoga practice, start with this yoga class from Bettina’s studio today.  It is perfect for beginners and will show you how to move safely with your changing body. Be sure to read the general pregnancy guidelines below first.

Before starting Yoga

If you’re brand new to yoga, there are a few things you should know before you start.

Unless you’ve been practicing for a while most yoga studios won’t accept you into a yoga class until you are past your first 14 weeks of pregnancy, after which the risk of miscarriage starts to decline.  You are free to try gentle stretches and restorative classes at home, but be sure to listen to your body and stop if anything feels uncomfortable.

There are general pregnancy yoga guidelines you will need to be aware of when you start your practice.

  • adjust poses to accommodate growing belly and changed centre of gravity. Widen your feet and keep twists open with space for your belly.
  • be careful not to overstretch. The hormone relaxin is already pumping to allow your body to open for birth.
  • avoid core poses that have a ‘crunching’ action as it can make abdominal separation worse
  • move slowly. Low blood pressure can be common during pregnancy, and moving or changing positions too fast may make you feel faint.
  • after the fourth month it is recommended that you do not lie flat on your back as this places pressure on a major artery and can affect blood flow to the baby.
  • avoid overheating.
  • if you have concerns, have a high risk pregnancy, or have received special instructions from your doctor of healthcare providers, please consultant with them first before starting yoga.

Questions about Pregnancy Yoga
 If you have any questions, please post them to the comments below or email

Profile pic Bettina Rae - Yoga teacherBettina Rae is a certified yoga teacher, counsellor and Mama to two young boys. She runs an online yoga studio for mothers to help them through pregnancy and birth, to practice yoga at home and to reconnect with themselves after having children.  Her active community of women also gather monthly for women’s circles  (both online and in-person) for group meditation, healing, intention setting and sharing their stories.  Connect with her on her on Facebook, Instagram or her website.
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