Don’t Judge Your Post Baby Body!

My post baby body shocked me-realletters-real

I took a close look at my body today in the mirror for the first time after giving birth a month ago, and in that moment I felt terrible. I felt terrible, because I didn’t like how I looked. I could see post-baby fat, stretch marks, bruises from my injections given for pain, flabby arms, bigger legs, and a belly so swollen that many would assume I’m still 5 months pregnant.

‘Upset’ is not a word that could even come close to describing what I was feeling.

I then noticed the small scar from my c-section. At the same time, my baby  caught my attention with his crying so I rushed to him. My eyes teared up just looking at his cute little chubby face, as everything I went through in the past 9 months flashed before my eyes.

Am I fatter? Yes. Do I have flabby arms, bigger legs and a belly? Yes. Do I have a scar from my cesarean section? Yes… but oh, it’s the most beautiful scar I could have, because it gave me my perfect little boy.

Would I do it all again? IN A HEARTBEAT! Without a doubt, I would go through even more just to see my baby smile and be happy.

Time to Feel Proud

I should feel proud of myself.  Why am I here judging my body? My body created this beautiful baby, who I love and who means the world to me.

So, here’s a shout out to all the beautiful superhero mommies out there! I know there are so many things we aren’t prepared for after giving birth – our reaction to our own post-baby bodies being one of them. It can be difficult to adjust and accept at first, but please don’t let it get to you. Your body created a beautiful tiny human. Give it a high five, and give it your thanks. It worked hard for you, and it deserves break. Once your body is ready, you can work towards getting it back in shape.

For now, just enjoy cuddling your perfect little creation.

Profile_myria_dearbubblogMyria Achilleos is a graphic designer extraordinaire and new mum, soon to start her own business. She writes with honesty about first-time motherhood experiences in the hope of helping and inspiring other new mums (and sometimes just to share a mumtastic good laugh). Stay tuned for more contributions coming soon.

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