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If you are pregnant and a chronic worry-wart like me, you have probably been researching a fetal doppler or baby heart monitor that you can use at home for peace of mind.

I looked  at a few that were on the market, and Kogan’s AngelSounds Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitor seems to one of the most popular and affordable choices, retailing at around AUD$40.

I wanted a little more than to just hear the heartbeat however and this is when I came across the Sonotech Xpress LCD Fetal Doppler .

Sonotech Xpress LCD Fetal Doppler

The Sonotech Xpress LCD Fetal Doppler usually retails between AUD$90-100.

Apart from being able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, this heart monitor also has an visual output screen, showing the beats per minute (bpm).For me, it was worth the extra dollars to be able to hear as well as record my baby’s fluctuations in heart rate between appointments with my OBGYN.

It comes with gel, 2 x sets of headphones (so both you and your partner can listen together!) and can also conveniently connect to your computer for recording.

Please be Aware

At the end of the day, though baby heart monitors like this are fun to use, they should never be used for self-diagnosis or to replace medical opinions of an OBGYN or trained medical professional. If you have concerns about your pregnancy and baby, you should always contact your doctor immediately.

Many OBGYN’s advice against the use of at-home fetal dopplers for several reasons, including:

  • They aren’t the same grade or quality as those used by your OBGYN and can cause a mother unnecessary stress if a heart rate isn’t heard.
  • If your placenta is located at the front of your uterus (as mine is) you may not be able to hear the heart beat until later. I couldn’t hear my baby’s heart rate using the at-home doppler until I got to 25 weeks!

Enjoy using the doppler to hear your baby, but always consult your OBGYN or medical professional with concerns.

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