Baby Brain is a Real Thing

baby brain is

I’ve heard people talk about ‘baby’brain’ before, but I didn’t know what it would feel like.

Finally, I’m pretty sure that I know what baby brain is all about.

If I had to describe what baby brain feels like, baby brain would be that place between a hangover headache and post-orgasmic brain fog that ultimately makes it impossible to make clear decisions, and really feel like yourself.


I woke up this morning and put two different shoes on. I waited for 10 minutes for the toast to pop before realising that I hadn’t even turned the toaster on. I answered the phone and it took me a good five seconds to remember my relative’s name. I feel confused and find simple decisions difficult.

I know that it’s a term dubbed by mothers rather than researchers, but I’m convinced that research isn’t needed to confirm that baby brain exists! Just ask any pregnant woman or new mum, and she’ll probably say the same.

For me, whether it’s caused by hormonal changes in the body, sleep deprivation or a build up of exhaustion and emotion, baby brain is very real.

This story is a REAL LETTER sent from Jules, 33 yo, Sydney, Australia. Edited by DearBub.

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