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ELENI FEGAN | Founder and Managing Editor DearBub Blog and Magazine
TOPICS: Endometriosis, Miscarriage, Pregnancy, Chronic Pain, Fertility Issues, Mind and Spirit

Eleni Fegan is the founder and Managing Editor of DearBub Blog and Magazine which began from a personal journey of research and healing. A self confessed overachiever with big plans and even bigger dreams, Eleni describes “a secret life behind the mask and closed doors”. Her writing often describe the daily physical and mental challenges she has faced dealing with endometriosis, digestive issues and chronic inflammation looking at the experience and management of associated pain, infertility battles, miscarriage, depression, insomnia, and affects to the self-esteem.

Her motivation for DearBub is beautifully summarised in her Editor’s Letter: “I realised that there is beauty to giving voice to our experiences, and raising an awareness that we are not alone in them. I realised the immense power that ‘sharing’ had in transforming our sense of self and being through creating connection”. 

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