Q. How Did You Know the Difference Between PNT vs Baby Blues?


“Hi Yvette. I was just wondering how did you know that you have PNT and not just ‘baby blues’? Did you talk to someone in order to find out?”

A. Hi Melissa,

I actually suffered from Post Natal Depression and Anxiety, and possibly Antenatal Anxiety, which may have set off my PNDA.

I didn’t know what baby blues was or PND, I thought what I was feeling was normal as being a first time mother, it was normal to be high strung, agitated, anxious and sad.

I saw my Doctor who screened me and my anxiety was scaled very high. and the depression was extremely high as i was having intrusive thoughts. Because it was so high, I was referred to a Psychiatrist and Psychologist.

Even though it was my husband who referred me to my GP, I was in denial with it all but I knew something was not right as I was disconnected from everyone, including my son.

If anyone has doubts or is concerned, I would recommend seeing a GP who may refer you to a specialist to talk to.



Yvette DearBub Contributor ProfileYvette is on the DearBub Q& A Panel. the founder of She is Sacred, where she created a sacred space for raw heartfelt stories, self-love and sisterhood.  Since launching her site, Yvette has been featured in numerous blogs, online magazines, including being featured in Mamamia for PNDA week 2015 revealing her experience of PND. When Yvette is not advocating for mental health awareness, she enjoys reading classic novels, travelling, spending all summer at the beach and precious moments with her boys. You can follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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