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Welcome to our panel of women who have nominated to dedicate their time to help inform, heal, and inspire each in their own ways. Their story is one of strength and their motivation is one of forging connection in order to assist other women with similar experiences on their journey.

Ask us a question about our Q&A Topics and experiences, and we will share with you openly and honestly.

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Author and Managing Editor E Fegan

ELENI FEGAN | Founder and Managing Editor DearBub Blog and Magazine
TOPICS: Endometriosis, Miscarriage, Chronic Pain, Fertility Issues, Pregnancy, Mind & Spirit

Eleni Fegan is the founder and Managing Editor of DearBub Blog and Magazine which began from a personal journey of research and healing. A self confessed overachiever with big plans and even bigger dreams, Eleni describes “a secret life behind the mask and closed doors”. Her writing often describe the daily physical and mental challenges she has faced dealing with endometriosis, digestive issues and chronic inflammation looking at the experience and management of associated pain, infertility battles, miscarriage, depression, insomnia, and affects to the self-esteem.

Her motivation for DearBub is beautifully summarised in her Editor’s Letter: “I realised that there is beauty to giving voice to our experiences, and raising an awareness that we are not alone in them. I realised the immense power that ‘sharing’ had in transforming our sense of self and being through creating connection”.

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MYRIA ACHILLEOS | Designer and First Time Mum
TOPICS: Pregnancy, Parenting, First Time Mum Experiences

Myria Achilleos is a graphic designer extraordinaire and new mum, soon to start her own business. She writes with honesty about first-time motherhood experiences in the hope of helping and inspiring other new mums (and sometimes just to share a mumtastic good laugh).

Stay tuned for new contributions coming soon.


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Yvette DearBub Contributor Profile

YVETTE MYSTAKAS | Founder of She is Sacred
TOPICS: Post-Natal Depression, Anxiety, Miscarriage

Yvette Mystakas,the founder of She is Sacred, has a powerful story to tell. Her blog began as a very personal blog, documenting her thoughts and struggles with her battle of severe Post-Natal Depression (PNT) and anxiety. The idea for her blog came at the peak of her PNT, while she was recovering from a suicide attempt whilst in a psychiatric ward.

Since launching her site, Yvette has been featured in numerous blogs, online magazines, including being featured in Mamamia for PNDA week 2015 revealing her experience of PND. When Yvette is not advocating for mental health awareness, she enjoys reading classic novels, travelling, spending all summer at the beach and precious moments with her boys. You can follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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Profile pic Bettina Rae - Yoga teacher BETTINA RAE | Owner of Bettina Rae Yoga
TOPICS: Pregnancy Yoga, Meditation, Healing

Bettina Rae is a certified yoga teacher, counsellor and Mama to two young boys. She runs an online yoga studio for mothers to help them through pregnancy and birth, to practice yoga at home and to reconnect with themselves after having children.

Her active community of women also gather monthly for women’s circles  (both online and in-person) for group meditation, healing, intention setting and sharing their stories.  Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram or her website.

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Savvy Mumma Savings Profile

SAVVY MUMMA SAVINGS | Rebecca, Melbourne
TOPICS: Money Saving Ideas for Families

Savvy Mumma Savings is the the brainchild of  Rebecca, Melbourne Mumma to 3 kids under 3yrs of age. She is a part-time accountant in the not-for-profit sector.

As a regular contributor on DearBub Blog, Savvy Mumma Savings shares money saving ideas for the young family. Het articles include ideas for affordable rainy day activities for kids, and tips for teaching kids how to save money.

Connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.

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