Want a Mary Poppins of your own? Ten Reasons to Hire a Nanny.


Thinking about hiring a nanny? Some parents swear by it, citing the many benefits that come with hiring the service of a professional nanny. In fact, some compare a nanny to having a third parent; one that helps remove many of the tedious tasks of parenthood, helps you get some much needed extra sleep, and leaves you feeling a much happier version of yourself..

Here are some of the top 10 reasons Mums have told us they would hire a nanny.

1. Flexible Around your Work Schedule

Two-income families are becoming the norm. The rise of housing pricing and education often makes it difficult for families to sustain a comfortable living on just one salary. If your kids are in daycare, then finding daycare centres with hours suitable to both parents’ work schedules can be extremely difficult. If your kids are at school, coordinating pick-up time around work deadlines gets hard as well.

Arguably even more difficult is the struggle of single Mums and Dads who have to race between their job and pick-up times without having the back-up of a partner’s support.

With a nanny, you can agree to and set up a schedule of hours ahead of time that suits YOU.

2. Can be Cheaper than Day Care

The cost of childcare can add up, particularly if you have more than one child. I’ve heard some Mums say they work all day, and after paying for childcare for their kids, they are left with just $40 to spare.

If you have several kids, it may well be cheaper to hire a nanny than to pay to send them all to day care.

3. Tailored One-on-One Attention

When kids are cared for in larger groups, the activities won’t necessarily suit their individual energy levels, specific interests, needs or moods.

With a nanny, your child gets tailored one-on-one attention. Whether you have a child who runs around all day, or a who prefers to just sit and read, you nanny can adapt activities to suit.

4. Back-Up When You're Sick

One of the tough parts of parenting, is having to keep on parenting even when you are struck down with a horrible flu or migraine.

Nannies help take the pressure off, looking after the kids so you can rest and get well.

5. Convenient for After-School Activities

Coordinating pick-up from daycare or school can be hard enough, let alone also trying to coordinate after-school activities. Nannies can help with driving and picking up kids from activities.

6. Help with Newborns

Having an extra pair of hands to help with newborns (and sometimes for mums to get some sleep) can be great. Many daycare centers do not accept newborns however, and an experienced nanny can help by providing support for parents.

7. Support for your Beliefs and Values

If particular beliefs, values and structures are important to you, then having a nanny who supports these during interaction with your children may be of great benefit to you. This is not something that is always easily found in daycare arrangements.

8. Less Exposure to Illness

I have friends with kids who go to daycare, and they are constantly sick. Last week, her kids came home with whooping cough. While some may argue that it all helps build up their immune system, it’s also not nice for poor kids to be sick all the time and it can pose risks to children with weaker immune systems.

9. Mum and Dad Date Nights (or Date Days) are Back

A extra pair of hands means that Mum and Dad’s date nights (or date days) might be back on! Subject to an agreed schedule of course, nannies can help take kids out to the park while Mum and Dad get some much needed quality time at home.

Alternatively, making sure the kids are comfortably tucked in bed while Mum and Dad go out for a romantic night out is pretty good too.

10. Reduces Tedious Tasks and Stress Levels

Waking up extra early to make school lunches? Guess what, a nanny can help with this. This means than extra time can be spent sleeping in. Bliss!

Many nannies can also help with other little things which will make a big difference to reducing stress from your day (and making you feel a little more sane!). This might include packing up the kids’ toys which are constantly scattered in the living room.

All in all, the tedious tasks of parenthood can be drastically reduced, as well as stress levels. This not only means some extra “you-time”, but also when you spend time with your kids, you are a much happier version of yourself – and that’s a benefit that you can’t put value on.

Author and Managing Editor E Fegan

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