Netflix Kids: 4 Fun Programs for Children

We love our kids. But in between keeping the house in order, frantic dinners, and simply trying to find some ‘me’ time, it can all get a little overwhelming. Thank god for Netflix. When you’re super busy, Netflix is like a second parent, helping entertain and educate the kids while you can get what you need done. It even makes breastfeeding easier!

With so many great shows to watch, it’s important that your Internet connection is up to scratch. Trust me, there’s nothing like the horror of learning your internet speed has slowed to a crawl by ways of the frustrated cries of toddlers staring at the frozen image of Peppa Pig on screen. So if you find that it’s lagging (more stress!), it could be down to a number of speed factors. One way around this is to download a bunch of shows to watch offline – which I always do just in case! With that in mind, here are four programs to get you started.

1. Julie’s Greenroom

With starring roles in Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music – you can’t go wrong with Julie Andrews. In Julie’s Greenroom, she plays Miss Julie, the owner of a kids’ theatre workshop. The kids, of course, are a happy tribe of puppets from the Jim Henson Company. With the help of a special celebrity guest each week, the kids put on a show filled with sing-a-longs, fun costumes and dance routines. Geared towards preschoolers, Julie Andrews brings the same warmth and joy she’s delivered to our screens for so many years.

On an educational level, the show also serves as a basic introduction to music, stage production, costumes and props. Your little ones will get acquainted with terms like ‘stage right’, ‘ghost light’, ‘green room’ and many other phrases. Most importantly, the characters’ experiences touch on invaluable life lessons such as overcoming adversity, working as a team, and appreciating diversity.

2. Elmo’s Favourite Things

In true Elmo fashion, this show is equal parts colourful and educational. There are eight episodes in total, covering single topics such as birthdays, dinosaurs, friends, and school. In each 12-minute episode, Elmo makes a visit to all of his friends, asking them what they do and how they feel about each of the topics. Of course, there’s a healthy dose of catchy songs, smiling kids and interesting learning experiences. There’s even a part in every episode when Elmo ‘asks a baby’ – which will no doubt make you and your children feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

3. Jim Henson’s Word Party

Word Party is an interactive preschool show featuring a colourful cast of baby animals, including Franny the cheetah, Bailey the elephant, Kip the wallaby and Lulu the panda. During the show, it’s up to your kids to take care of these cute little creatures. Essentially, they get put in the position to ‘teach’, which helps broaden their vocabulary in a unique way.

For little ones who are constantly on the receiving end of instruction, being the ‘big kid’ in the room might be the kick they need to enjoy learning. On a deeper level, the show will teach your kids about the importance of listening, kindness and being patient.

4. Sesame Beginnings: Make Music Together

It might have come out over 10 years ago, but Make Music Together hasn’t lost an ounce of its original charm. Now available on Netflix, this movie is perfect for kids as young as six months old. Featuring a string of Sesame Street babies, your own babies can explore the basics of language, rhythm and sound. With easy-to-sing songs and high quality production, Make Music Together not only entertains the little ones, but teaches positive skills to parents too.

These days, the quality of streaming services such as Netflix make raising a young family a little easier, particularly during the busy times. The great thing is, there are so many shows available – so you’ll have no trouble finding ones that your little ones love.


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