Q. My baby is sitting up but can’t crawl yet. What are some creative play ideas?

creative play ideas for babies - contributed by teacher types

This is such a great time in your baby’s development. He or she can sit up with the cutest, straightest little back, surrounded by cushions in case they wobble, and play with the toys around them. We love this stage in our house because the little man can’t yet crawl and get into his big sister’s toys! We will need a play pen when that time comes.

So, here are seven of  my – I mean his – favourite baby play activities.

1. Ball pit
Image contributed by TeacherTypes.com
Image contributed by TeacherTypes.com

Babies love balls for some reason, and a ball pit is a winner every time.

The classic clam shell sand pit/paddle pool can have another use being filled with plastic balls and all you need to do is plop the baby in and have a cuppa!

2. Discovery bottles
Image contributed by TeacherTypes.com
Image contributed by TeacherTypes.com

These are my ultimate favourite homemade baby toy. I recently shared some of these I made on Instagram and my community went nuts! They’re just so pretty and made of plastic, so they’re safe for little hands. If you want to be extra cautious, you could always glue the lid shut.

We fill ours with bits and pieces we’ve found in the craft cupboard, or just food colouring and dish washer detergent works!

3. Instruments

Maracas, jingle bells and other musical instruments are so fun for babies.

They naturally flap their arms about quite a bit, so if they have an instrument in hand that makes noise when they move – all the better!

4. Teething Toy Basket
Image contributed by TeacherTypes.com
Image contributed by TeacherTypes.com

At around this age when you baby is sitting up independently, they are more than likely also TEETHING!

I quite often round up every single teething toy in the entire house, pop them in a basket and let the little man go to town.

5. Mirror on the floor for tummy time
Image contributed by TeacherTypes.com
Image contributed by TeacherTypes.com

Some babies like tummy time more than others – my little man doesn’t. But it’s so important for their physical development and practicing the skills they need to learn to crawl.

Sometimes having a baby safe mirror on the floor for them to look at can make tummy time a bit more inviting.

6. Singing

There’s something about a sing-song voice that can grab a baby’s attention and put them into a trance.

The higher pitched the better, and they won’t mind if you’re a terrible singer. Hand actions are great too eg Twinkle Twinkle, or Open Shut Them.

7. YOU!

Keep in mind that YOU are the absolute best toy you can give to your baby. Touch, talk, giggle and play. Get on the floor with them, cuddle them and tickle them.

Enjoy this special time, because they’ll be on the move before long!

This is meLauren
is mother of two and an early years teacher from Adelaide SA. She blogs about all things early learning and parenting over at www.teachertypes.com.

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