A Not So Kid-Friendly Peppa Pig

Will the real Peppa Pig please stand up?

Parents, be warned! A not so kid-friendly version of your child’s favourite show may be lurking among video clips on You Tube. 

Some of the offending video clips show Peppa Pig characters with knives, guns and even marijuana. In some scenes they are performing disturbing acts such as murder, suicide, and yelling profanity – certainly not suitable to children.

“It’s just disturbing” says one Mum to DearBub. “My child was happily looking at Peppa cartoons on YouTube, and the next thing I know I hear screaming and see guns and blood. It was distasteful and horrifying”.

Many of the video clip titles are unmarked as targeting mature audiences or for adults only – something to be mindful of before you leave your children browsing through Peppa Pig You Tube videos on their iPad!

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