South Korea Trials Seat Alerts for Pregnant Train Travellers

It’s not hard to get lost in a sea of crowds during peak hour at the train station. So when you’re pregnant, tired and in need of a seat on that train, relying on the common courtesy of others doesn’t always do the trick. There is of course the other issue of that awkward stage during pregnancy when people are never quite sure whether you are pregnant, or have what is affectionately known as a ‘food baby’.

With this in mind, a new idea to help pregnant women get seating on trains is currently being trialed on South Korea’s Busan-Gimhae Light Rail service.

The Pink Light campaign is a bluetooth system whereby pregnant women carry sensors that activate pink lights to essentially alert train-goers that they need a seat. Women can collect a sensors at certain city locations, which last for approximately six months before needing battery replacement.

If successful in its trial, this concept could eventually extend to include other groups needing seating too.

Would you want to see this extended to your country?


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