The Power of a Hug from her Twin Sister Saved her Life

Kyrie and Brielle Jackson are two tiny twins born 12 weeks premature. They were born weighing in at just under 1kg each, underdeveloped and with less than favourable chances of survival.

Placed into separate incubators, and watched closely by the medical team at the neo-natal care unit in Massachusetts, the babies’ condition began to stabilise slowly. The parents were told however that the situation could turn quickly however, and it did. At 3 weeks old, baby Brielle began to struggle to breathe, her heart rate soaring and oxygen level dropping quickly.

The attending nurse had the idea to put them together in the same incubator; something that had never been done before in the US. The healthier sister, tiny Kyrie Jackson, put her arm around her sister Brielle and something miraculous happened; her breathing and vital signs instantly stabilised proving the powerful bond between twins and the magic of human touch.

The girls are now 20 years old and forever have this beautiful story to tell.

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