Stylish Summer Maternity Nighties To Wear All Day Long

Once I fell pregnant, I didn’t realise how hard it would be to find affordable maternity nighties. Most maternity nighties I found online that accommodated for breastfeeding were between $100-$150.  I just didn’t want to spend this amount of money on ME. I knew I was truly on the way to becoming a Mum when I realised I’d rather put this money towards things I needed for the baby.

Besides this, most of the maternity nighties on offer just weren’t wearable in front of other people. They were too revealing and felt inappropriate to wear at the hospital, or when guests might make an impromptu visit at home to see the new bub. This would mean I’d also have to fork out an additional $100 plus on a nightgown!

Nup, I needed an affordable all-in-one.


After putting a call-out to other mums, the online store mamaybebe was brought to my attention. Straight away, I knew that if their slogan was anything to go by, I’d found just what I was looking for:

‘Pyjamas you can wear all, day, long’.

Um, was someone spying on me? I honestly can’t explain just how perfect this tag line was for me. I’ve always loved wearing PJs. In fact some weekends I LIVE in my PJs, which my husband makes fun of me for. The Mamaybebe maternity nightie range is absolutely perfect, featuring:

  • Affordable summer nighties under $50
  • Breastfeeding-friendly designs
  • Attractive looking nighties and PJs which look like clothing 
  • Comfortable fabrics



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When I saw the Siena maternity nightie, I think I fell in love a little. Is this a nightie, or a dress?! Its design is so stylish, people honestly wouldn’t guess that you are wearing a maternity nightie. If you want to feel your best at the hospital or at home when visitors pop by, this is definitely the nightie to do it in.

Though it comes in both red and black, I think black nightie is a no-brainer; it’s so easy to match with a light cardigan or a pair of ballet flats, and for me it hid those post-baby bulges that I felt slightly insecure about. It also has a dual pull back opening making it easy to nurse your baby if you plan to breastfeed. Plus, it’s just $49.95!



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How pretty is this nightie! The colours scream ‘Summer!’ and the fabric has a comfortable stretch to suit both pregnancy as well as post-baby changes in your baby bump. The top also accommodates to breastfeeding, with a nifty nursing clip with adjustable straps. No need to be shy when visitors pop in. This is one fine looking nightie! Best of all, it’s just $49.95.


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Much like the Siena Nightie, this nightie’s versatile design will have you feeling stylish day and night, and noone will guess that it’s a nightie. The comfortable stretchy fabric makes it easy to wear this through pregnancy and post-birth, and the button-down front makes it easy to breastfeed bub without needing to undress. Again, at just $49.95 I think why not?

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