Comfortable and Affordable Maternity Bra (Bonds Contour Maternity Bra)
9 Stretch and Comfort
8 Affordability
7 Sizing
9 Nursing Option
9 Wash, wear & tear
7 Fashionable look
8 Versatile wear with clothes

When shopping for maternity bras I was so confused. All I knew was that my breasts were growing at a rapid rate. Let’s be honest, I’ll probably have to buy a few in different sizes as they continue to grow over the next few months!

So I need a maternity bra that is not just comfortable but also affordable – and that was proving very hard to find. Sure, there are some pretty bras for pregnant women out there, but who wants to spend $70-100 on a bra that won’t fit for long while breast are still growing, and certainly won’t fit once breastfeeding (if you are planning to breastfeed) is over.

When I came across the Bonds Contour Bra I think I fell in love a little.


When looking for a maternity bra, I was looking for:

  1. Stretch and Comfort – I wanted to be able to feel comfortable, and even be able to have a lie down in this bra without it pinching or feeling yuk. I wanted a bit of stretch and give to, obviously for growing room. I also wanted thicker straps for breast support.
  2. Affordability  Breasts grow A LOT during pregnancy at a rate I could barely keep up with. I started as a small 12C cup and within 3 weeks I watched then grow to a 12E. Hello! I have cleavage for the first time. So I need an affordable bra that I can buy in several sizes as I grow.
  3. Sizing – Is it available in a variety of sizes? I hope so!
  4. Nursing Option – I haven’t decided whether I’m breastfeeding from the breast or using a breast pump, but was hoping for a bra that had a clip allowing for the former option.
  5. Wash, wear & tear – Easy to wash without worrying about lace getting ruined or caught, and a fabric strong enough to last a few washes.
  6. Fashionable look – To be honest, comfort supersedes looks in my book on this, but I don’t want my new cleavage sitting in something that made me feel less sexy.
  7. Versatile wear with clothes – What I mean by this is that I want a bra that I can wear with a low cut v-neck without the bra being exposed, or even a t-shirt without worrying about my nipple location being visible!

We got it* (*awesomeness) from our Mama… Happy Mother’s Day! Bonds x #bondsaus #MothersDay

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How the Bonds Maternity Contour Bra ranks in my book:

  1. Stretch and Comfort – I don’t just wear this when I’m out and about – I honestly find this bra comfortable enough that I can also take a nap in it. It’s a 95% cotton and 5% elastane soft cup, wirefree maternity contour bra. The straps are that bit wider than usual soft. It also has a double layer back which I find supportive.  
  2. Affordability  Retails at $39.95 but you might be able to grab it on sale as I did for as little as $29.00.
  3. Sizing – It might not say it on the website, but this bra is now available in an F, back size up to size 16. I can speak from a 12E point of view, but I can’t say with certainty that this would suit much bigger breasted ladies.
  4. Nursing Option – Comes with a nursing clip with a drop cup sling. The clip is pretty easy to unclip, but secure enough to stay in place.
  5. Wash, wear & tear – Pretty standard. Wash before you wear, wash with like colours, don’t bleach etc. Overall, not too much hassle here and it’s strong enough not to tear easily which makes me happy.
  6. Fashionable look – To me this bra is like a nice looking sports bra. It  comes in limited colours or patterns, so if you are looking for something that might qualify as outerwear or bedroom wear (wink-wink) then this might not be exactly what you are looking for. It does come in some fun prints though!
  7. Versatile wear with clothes – Yes! I can wear this bra with a sexy low V neck without the bra being exposed, and my nipple location is nicely concealed behind the layered bra cup. If you are looking for a strapless maternity bra, you will need to buy a separate bra to this one.

This story is a REAL REVIEW sent from Belinda, 31 yo, Melbourne, Australia. Edited by DearBub.

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