Comfortable & Affordable Over-the-Bump Maternity Jeans

9 Stretch & Comfort
9 Affordability
8 Size Availability
9 Belly Support
9 Fit Throughout Pregnancy / Grow to Fit
8 Wash, Wear & Tear
9 Fashionable Look

It’s my first time pregnant, so when my bump started to show I realised that while I admired it as ‘cute’, it also meant that I couldn’t fit into my favourite pair of fashionable jeans any more!

So I went on the hunt, both online and offline. I was shocked at the absolute variety, as well as the pricing on some of these jeans. Would it be possible to find a comfortable pair of maternity jeans that were supportive of my growing bump as well as affordable and fashionable?

What I Was Looking For in Maternity Jeans

When looking for maternity jeans, I realised there were a few things I really needed to look for:

  1. Stretch and Comfort – I wanted jeans that I could walk and sit comfortably in. I quickly found that button-up fronts with zippers got quite uncomfortable as my belly grew, cutting into my belly or stretching pelvic ligaments. I wanted no zippers and some stretch!
  2. Affordability I have enough expenses to worry about (cots, prams, carriers, car seats etc) without having to pay a fortune for a couple pairs of jeans too!
  3. Belly support – I tried under the bump styles, and I just didn’t feel my bump was supported. When it’s help up, I feel more comfortable moving about. Also, I found the under-the-bump styles just kept falling after i’d sit, and I’d have to keep pulling them up.
  4. Fit through pregnancy / grow to fit – I want my jeans to fit me as my bump grows.
  5. Wash, wear & tear – I want my jeans to be easy to wash, and not loosen in the wash or after wearing them for a while. A couple pairs that I tried just loosened after wearing them for a day, and gave me ‘saggy looking bum’.
  6. Fashionable look – let’s just say I don’t want jeggings that LOOK like they aren’t jeans. No-one should be able to tell that they aren’t actually jeans!

So the question was could I find everything I needed in one pair of jeans or jeggings?

Oh yes.

Introducing MAMA Super Skinny Jeans, H&M

These maternity jegging-style stretch jeans from H&M Maternity are IT!


How these jeans rank in my book:

  • Stretch and comfort: Sitting, walking and all the rest is a breeze. No buttons or zippers to cut into the pelvic area, they are just smooth and comfortable.
  • Affordability: they retail at just AU$39.95. Yes that’s right!
  • Belly support: over the bump support with a thicker stretch fabric than most other jeans/jeggings that i tried
  • Size availability: Available in size 6-18
  • Fit through pregnancy / grow to fit – I started wearing them at 10 weeks pregnant, I’m now 23 weeks and they stretch to fit my bump perfectly.
  • Wash, wear & tear – Throw them into a cold wash, no need to iron these – sold! I’ve washed my pair a dozen times and they still haven’t stretched in the wash for me. After sitting, walking in them all day and a couple times a week, they haven’t loosened. They look just as good as the day I first wore them.
  • Fashionable look – They are made using jean stretch fabric – not printed cotton lycra made to look like jean. They come in several wearable fashionable colour tones. I’ve worn these with a longer top and/or jumper and I don’t feel like I’m wearing ‘mamma pants’. They look sexy. Finally.


This story is a REAL REVIEW sent from Allison, 29 yo, Sydney, Australia. Edited by DearBub.


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