The Breastfeeding Mum Who’s Gone Viral

Breastfeeding in

The social debate about what is appropriate when breastfeeding your child continues, with many arguments labeling the exposing of the breast in public offensive or inappropriate. Arguments range from the straight up “I don’t want to see a breast while I’m eating my breakfast” to “there’s a time and a place”.

For some Mums, it’s this ‘mamma shaming’ attitude itself that is offensive. As a Mum, the concern and priority is feeding their child, not worrying about what everyone around them considered socially appropriate.

This breastfeeding Mum has caused a stir on social media for doing just this and feeding her child whilst at a wedding.

“… your baby gets hungry, well…. You give no shits and feed the kid”, she says. “Nothing rude or bad about it. This is why I have breasts! Cause God gave me boobs for feeding my babies.”

Should breastfeeding mothers feel forced to use a nursing scarf ? Or has the media and society just pushed the perception of breasts as sexual objects so much, that we forget that their major function is for breastfeeding children if mothers choose to do so?

What are your thoughts?

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