4 Things That Made Breastfeeding Through the Night Easier

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Any breastfeeding Mum can probably tell you about the all exhausting night feeds. Waking up every 2-3 hours leaves you wanting to pry your own eyes open with a toothpick to avoid nodding off and, goodness forbid, dropping your baby.
After a couple weeks, I soon realised that the four walls, ceiling, and even my baby’s cute little face, weren’t enough to keep me going through the night without bawling from a combination of extreme sleep deprivation and lack of mental stimulation.

So, I was determined to make myself as comfortable as possible, and do something about it. Here are 4 things that I would recommend.

1. Buy a Bed Top Table

If you have had a cesarean, this little beauty will be a major help. Get all the main things you need set up on your bed top table. Tissues, water, snacks, breast pump, laptop, and anything else that can help minimise your need to be getting up constantly.

2. Buy a Glider Chair

I am so glad I bought one of these! If you are looking for one, make sure you have one that reclines and comes with an ottoman like the picture. Get comfortable and put your feet up while breastfeeding and rocking the baby. 

3. Buy a Breastfeeding Pillow

This is not a ‘luxury item’ like I first thought. It’s actually become quite a necessity in my household. It helps raise the baby to breast level and eases the strain of holding the baby for long periods of time.

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4. Subscribe to Netflix AND Stan

Don’t even decide which to subscribe to – just subscribe to both! It’s worth every cent to have something to watch during the early weeks in particular. I estimated around 10 hours a day spent breastfeeding, and I will be forever thankful for having a delicious selection of TV series to binge on. 

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