Having a Baby Born in 2016 – Year of the Fire Monkey

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Having a baby in 2016? If you are interested in learning about your baby’s Chinese Horoscope, Feb 8, 2016 rings in the Year of the Fire Monkey.


Babies born in the year of the Monkey tend to be the energetic, passionate and creative type. They are usually intelligent and sharp-witted, and their curiosity often makes them a keen learner and seeker of adventure. In fact they can sometimes get bored if not always learning or doing something new, which often requires extra attention from parents or carers.


While creative, this doesn’t mean that your little monkey is restricted to being interested in the creative field when they grow up; for while they are expressive, they can also be tirelessly determined to achieve just about any goal they set they mind to. Their intelligence often makes them great problem solvers, and their love of taking control of situations can take them to leadership roles.


Socially, the fire monkey can be a little cheeky, mischievous, playful and entertaining – sometimes loving to be the centre of attention. While they can act quite strong and fun-loving, sometimes they can be vulnerable to feeling sensitive when it comes to negative feedback too, so they may need a some extra understanding and patience from people around them too. You may have to teach your little monkey some patience too, as being quick-tempered is often a trait for babies born as a Fire Monkey!

With friends, Fire Monkeys usually love to talk a lot, but can be just as great listeners too, and will usually be caring and generous in their friendships.

Congratulations on your little Fire Monkey!

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3 years 1 month ago

Sounds like this little one will keep me on my toes!