Most Popular Baby Names To Date for 2016

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On the hunt for baby names this Year of the Fire Monkey?

According to popular name finding app nameberry, there are a few new placeholders in town.

Last year in 2015, the top girls’ name was Charlotte, no doubt spurred by the naming of England’s baby princess; whilst the top boys’ name was the biblical Ezra.

For 2016 to date,  the name Ezra managed to keep its top place on the boys’ list. Charlotte’s spot at the top of the chart however has since been pushed two places to number 3 by the names Olivia (a Latin name meaning “olive tree”) with Amelia (a new popular alternative to Emily and Amanda) taking second place.

Top 20 Girls and Boys Baby Names to Date 2016

1. Olivia
2. Amelia
3. Charlotte
4. Ava
5. Isla
6. Isabella
7. Mia
8. Aria
9. Aurora
10. Arabella
11. Adeline
12. Penelope
13. Khaleesi
14. Eleanor
15. Cora
16. Emma
17. Rose
18. Violet
19. Luna
20. Hazel

1. Ezra
2. Asher
3. Declan
4. Atticus
5. Oliver
6. Milo
7. Levi
8. Silas
9. Jack
10. Jasper
11. Wyatt
12. Henry
13. Sebastian
14. Oscar
15. Leo
16. Elijah
17. Theodore
18. Ethan
19. Bodhi
20. Caleb

Unsurprisingly the popular TV Show Game of Thrones seems to have sparked interest in the character name Khaleesi as a potential girl’s name, which in the show is Dothraki for “queen”.  It currently holds 13th place on the list.

Meanwhile Aria, a derivative of the fellow Game of Thrones character name Arya, also proves the influence of popular culture with a ranking at number 8.

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