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DearBub Blog and Magazine is a NEW womens’ health, pregnancy and parenting blog. Our staff writers and editors are dedicated to sharing stories that help inform, heal and inspire the everyday woman and parent.

This blog was born from a need to heal and inspire. Our writers are qualified professionals, but also mums and parents who started blogging and writing for their own understanding and healing; and look forward to sharing their learnings with you.

You can join us too. You are welcome to be part of our community of sharing. 

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Our Mission

Our Mission
Our Mission: Inform, Heal, Inspire by taking steps to share.

The MISSION of DearBub Blog and Magazine is to inform, heal and inspire the everyday woman and parent through “taking steps to share”.

INFORM: We believe that knowledge is empowering. The more we know and understand, the better we can reset our expectations, accept our challenges and manage our next steps. 

HEAL: Sharing experiences might help others while also giving a sense of purpose to those experiences. Putting thoughts into words also helps them to stop circulating. Sometimes this can be the start of healing for both the person sharing, and the person reading and connecting to that experience. 

INSPIRE: Inspiring awareness and transformation through connection with others. Understanding the self and also attaining affirmation that we are not alone in our experiences can inspire change and transformation.

Letter From the Editor

Author and Managing Editor E Fegan
Author and Managing Editor E Fegan

Dear Reader,

Life is a complicated mix of experiences isn’t it? You can have a plan but the universe will sometimes have other ideas for you.

I have always been a hard worker and self confessed overachiever with big plans and even bigger dreams. Despite multiple post graduate degrees and running my own consulting business, I’ve lived a secret life behind the mask and closed doors.

Endometriosis, digestive issues and chronic inflammation have been a daily challenge. In my acute periods, I have had to take time off work for multiple surgeries and healing. It hasn’t just been a physical challenge, but a mental challenge too with impacts to my relationships, work and social life whilst dealing with pain, infertility battles, miscarriage, depression, insomnia, and blows to the self-esteem.

DearBub Blog and Magazine was born because I started researching to inform myself, and writing to heal. Once I started sharing, people started reaching out and sharing their similar experience. I realised that there is beauty to giving voice to our experiences, and raising an awareness that we are not alone in them. I realised the immense power that ‘sharing’ had in transforming our sense of self and being through creating connection. 

What I write is part of my journey, but my writings can be part of yours too. What I learn, I will share. My blogs are not just for me, they are for you.

You can join me by sharing your own personal journey as well.

Blessings and thank you for reading,

E. Fegan | ask@dearbub.com

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